Blood Eagle

by Cut The Architect's Hand

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released February 23, 2014

Greg Branch- Bass/ vocals
Bryan Conner- Drums/vocals
Tim Madison- Guitar/vocals

recorded in September 2013
by Hex- Recordings
released by Aunt Mary Records
cover art by Brian Wiltz / Aunt Mary Says



all rights reserved


Cut The Architect's Hand Richmond, Virginia

Cut The Architect’s Hand
S.Greg Branch: Bass/ Vocals
Tim Madison: Guitar/Vocals
Bryan Conner: Drums/Vocals

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Track Name: Blood Eagle
"Blood eagle"
more than you'll ever understand
Lives are like mine are
better intertwined
And not alone

I will show you what it means to love
Just don't make me say it

I don't know who you think you are
To speak to anyone like this

And in the end
We are both still here
Track Name: Bled Through Your Coat
"Bled Through Your Coat"

Last nights love
Is today's regret
And the fact that you disagree
just shows how wrong you are
I stood and took the shots dear
And you just bled through your coat

Why won't you just die

Laugh in your sleep
Its the only time when you are happy
I feel so sorry for you
Laugh in your sleep
Smile through your broken teeth well
Track Name: Its A Trap
"It's a trap"

Bite your tongue
Pick your battle
Choke it down
Im Always wrong

I never wanted to live like this
Bending to your every whim
Where's the life that i thought wed have
All illusions, "it's a trap
Track Name: The Withdrawing
"The withdrawing"

Our eyes met
Once in a lifetime
Your name I cant forget
It won't slip my mind
You must be heartless
To leave me this way
Your chest empty
A Blackened cavity

And I don't know what this is
And I think I really care less

What did I expect
When it comes it to you
Compassion? Respect?
I am the fool
You must be heartless
To leave me this way
Your chest empty
A Blackened cavity

I enjoy this feeling
I walk across the fire
I am insignificant
I walk across the fire
I've never felt so small
I walk across the fire
And we've all been used before
But I walk across the fire
Track Name: Mannequin Teeth
"Mannequin Teeth"

Parasite, vampere
Torn flesh from bone
Took heart and soul

I should have listened
To what you had said
One will prosper and
The other will wind up dead

I've been used and thrown away
I've been rendered no use
I've been used and thrown away
Now I'm no use to you

There is no fade
I'm worn to thin for that
I will be back
Track Name: Times Square Rolex
"Times Square Rolex"

Is just you, trying to Convince yourself
Something you don't truly believe

While the rest of us
Can see right through
And it makes me wonder
How much of that is really you

how many lies do you tell yourself

You can't hide behind
good looks and money
When your the minority
Track Name: The German Three
"The German Three"

I've been worn in
Brittle and thin
This is the end for me

Time won't wait for you
And neither will I
Time is unforgiving
And so am I

Been all I can be
People can think
What they want of me

They won't mind
One last time
Track Name: Killing Sounds So Permanent
"Killing sounds too permanent "

I can always sleep
Thats nothing new
My conscious clear
Can't say the same for you

Sons kill their fathers
His proudest day

You have one day

I have proven myself

Cruelty is a gift
humanity gives itself
Track Name: Any Port In A Storm
"Any port in a storm"

Broken ribs
Blood stained wings

Salt the wound

eagle sketch
rib division
lung surgery
saline stimulant

Salt the wound

Carved in and pulled through the back

The Blood eagle

And Ella’s back,
at had the one who dwelt
Ívarr, with eagle,
York, cut.

pagan hatred of Christianity